Peek Inside Azazie’s 2,084%
E-Commerce Traffic Growth Strategy

All great successes start with one thing — an idea.

Your e-commerce brand is no exception. You let that initial spark light up. You followed your dreams. Your store is stocked with excellent products, and you’re waiting for your brand to grow wings and become a top name in your industry.

What do you do if nobody visits your website? What do you do if customers don’t start flooding in — because they never find you?

That’s what happened to the bridal wear e-commerce brand Azazie.

Azazie website screenshot

Azazie set off on a mission to reinvent bridal and special occasion dress shopping. Their vision was noble. All women, they believe, deserve to have their dream dress — no matter their size, body shape, or budget.

There was just one problem…

Their customers found industry giants like David’s Bridal and Kleinfeld Bridal when they turned to Google to find their products.

Azazie trailed behind in the search engine results pages — and we all know modern internet users don’t bother to scroll down.

The best place to hide a dead body is on page 2 of Google search results.

SEO can make or break an e-commerce business.

Ignitor ensured that Azazie succeeded.

We put our proprietary content and authority-building strategy to work, so Azazie could finally show shoppers what it had to offer.

Our approach to SEO put Azazie on the map and allowed the young brand to take its rightful place in the bridal dress market.

After implementing our SEO recommendations, Azazie’s organic traffic shot up by 2,084%, placing them side-by-side with their competition and allowing them to grow.

azazie traffic growth screenshot

The E-Commerce Lie

Think customers will come pouring in as soon as you set up your e-commerce store?


E-commerce is a huge market — global sales surpassed a whopping $5.7 trillion in 2022, and they aren’t slowing down. There’s a place for your e-commerce brand in that market. A big place.

But it’s going to take a lot of work to build a successful, highly-visible, instantly-recognizable brand. Customers won’t just fill their carts with your handpicked product selection the moment your store goes online.

The truth is far less optimistic. It’s equally possible that nobody will buy your products.

Not because they’re not good, but because nobody can find you on Google – one major obstacle that most e-commerce brands face.

⚠️ E-commerce only accounts for 22% of global retail sales. The market’s growing, but physical retail stores still have the edge.

⚠️ Most e-commerce customers immediately turn to the big names in the industry — and Amazon remains in the lead with 2.5 billion monthly visitors and 40% of total US-based e-commerce sales.

⚠️ 75% of e-commerce customers do product research on Google — including Google Images and Google Lens — before committing to a purchase.

⚠️ The odds that your visitors bounce and leave your site rise by 123% if your pages take more than 10 seconds to load.

⚠️ Just 2.17% of traffic to e-commerce sites converts, on average.

Building it isn’t enough...

They’ll only come, browse, buy, and recommend your e-commerce brand to their friends if you have a highly-visible presence that allows them to find exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

E-commerce is a booming market that’s only going to grow. But to be a successful player in the industry, you need a solid SEO strategy.

You need potential customers already looking for your products to be able to find you in a few clicks.

This is how we do it gif

This Is How We DID It

Our growth strategy was simple:

➡️ We started with a technical audit that ensured search engines could crawl Azazie’s e-commerce website properly. We checked core web vitals — that’s speed, a mobile-friendly site, and HTTPS — were set up properly.

➡️ Next, we moved on to on-page search engine optimization, leaving no stone unturned. The Ignitor team looked at page titles, meta descriptions, H1, H2, and H3 headers, and scrutinizes Azazie’s content. By the time we were done, all of their content was optimized with highly-relevant keywords and variations.

➡️ We built authority by acquiring high-quality backlinks. Outreach campaigns targeted other high-authority sites in the wedding industry to give power to our backlink strategy.

➡️ Then, we got to work on crafting high-quality content — for every relevant keyword we can target. We didn’t stop until they had total topical authority on their site.

➡️ Our team thoroughly evaluated Azazie’s site’s to establish the perfect internal link-building strategy which helped to boost the rankings of their target pages.

That is it…

With this simple strategy, we are able to boost your visibility, increase your rankings, and drive MORE organic traffic to your site.

I think that deserves a casual-walk-away-from-an-explosion moment. 

The Rock walking away from an explosion

Build it and they’ll come, you’re thinking?

That’s right. The success you envision won’t be in the bag until you have a skilled SEO team on your side, but once you do, the future customers who are already looking for your products come flooding in — because they’ll find your site just like that.

Our combined SEO strategy tackles all the challenges your brand faces in one targeted campaign. Once we get to work on your e-commerce brand’s SEO strategy, you’ll be able to out-compete the giants in your industry. 

Your competitors will know your name — and scratch their heads about the strides you’re making. 

Your customers? They’ll be busy shopping after effortlessly finding you on Google in a few simple clicks.

Ignitor Helped Azazie and Countless Other E-Commerce Brands Succeed In a Brutally-Competitive Market.

Succeeding in the e-commerce world takes more than offering the best product in your field — it depends on effective SEO with the power to drive organic sales.

Ignitor is a leading digital marketing agency with a proven track record of growing e-commerce brands with a unique SEO strategy that relies on proprietary content and authority-building method that converts.

We grew Azazie’s organic traffic by more than 2,000%.

See what we did for some of our other clients to understand better the success we can bring to your e-commerce brand. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Sweet Services

Some e-commerce brands that struggle to drive sales because of failed SEO strategies are brand new, but even established brands constantly need to keep up with the market to keep getting results.

The online candy store Sweet Services is an example of a brand with deep roots — but a lot of space for growth. So Sweet Services turned to Ignitor to help them get there, with impressive results.

Sweet Services saw a 1,187% increase in organic traffic after working with Ignitor. They know how much of a difference a targeted SEO campaign can make in driving sales and success:

“We have been with Ronell and his team for a little over 2 years and it has turned out to be one of the best decisions we have made. After seeing our e-commerce sales go down and our best keywords slipping off of the first page, these last two years with Ronell and his team, we have seen a steady increase in our keyword rankings and sales. If you want to see your e-commerce increase I would definitely recommend using Ignitor.”


MaestroBath offers high-quality, contemporary sinks and faucets for the modern market. Their customer base was waiting for them, but the e-commerce brand wasn’t getting the clicks it needed to grow. 

Stuck on the third page of Google and facing competition from leading e-commerce brands like Overstock and Wayfair, MaestroBath turned to Ignitor. 

The Ignitor team fully overhauled MaestroBath’s SEO strategy. 

The result? An 1100% increase in organic traffic — and a 200% boost in organically-ranking keywords. e-commerce traffic growth screenshot

It’s no wonder MaestroBath CEO recommends Ignitor: 

“A little over a year, we received 10x the amount traffic to our website, more than doubled the amount of keywords that ranked on google, and attained first page rankings for competitive national keywords such as ‘modern sinks’.”


Shark Tank company HoneyFund, which specializes in honeymoon registration services, faced a big challenge familiar to all emerging brands. They were on a mission to slash their cost per acquisition and achieve EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. 

HoneyFund on SharkTank

HoneyFund turned to the Ignitor team to overhaul their SEO strategy. 

Just 3 months on, HoneyFund reaped the benefits of our targeted SEO campaign:

  • Incoming sign-ups tripled.
  • Quality score increased by a solid 40%.
  • Cost per sign-up was reduced by 100%.
  • PPC lead volume shot up by 510%.
"Ignitor has consistently used solid, cutting-edge SEO strategies to move the needle for Plumfund’s search rankings. We are thrilled to have such a smart group of people on our team."
Sara Margulis
CEO Honeyfund (a Shark Tank company)

Ready to Take Your Brand to the Next Level?

Do you want to be the top brand in YOUR space? 

You’ve seen what the Ignitor team can do for you — let us work our magic and help you succeed over your competition. 

SEO lies at the core of any successful e-commerce marketing strategy

Our team has helped Azazie, Sweet Services, MaestroBath, HoneyFund, and countless other e-commerce brands up their game and win the online game. 

Our  proprietary content and authority-building strategy continues to drive sales for our former clients — and we can get you the results you need, too. 

We’ve shown you what we can do. We’ve told you how we do it. 

There’s no great mystery to our SEO strategy. The Ignitor team is just really good at what it does. We work our way through an approach that’s proven to work and take it to the end.

Competitors that barely noticed you before Ignitor’s Search Engine Optimization services will have trouble keeping up with you by the time we’re done.

Guaranteed Organic Traffic Growth in 90 Days or We Work For Free!

Yup, you read that right…

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✅Craft Google-approved content to attract and funnel in more customers

✅ Connect all of the puzzle pieces together and really get your traffic to explode

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